Website Design Tutorial: Photoshop to HTML5 and CSS the Right Way – Part I


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25 Responses to “Website Design Tutorial: Photoshop to HTML5 and CSS the Right Way – Part I”

  1. anyau92

    do you know a 960 grid framework for mobile apps(websites)? @AwfulMedia

  2. aurialee

    HTML is what makes your website work. For search engines there are many
    different things you can add into your HTML to help them show up. Look up
    SEO (search engine optimization). However, you’re going to need to know the
    basics of HTML and CSS in order to add those elements.

  3. AKS Websoft Consulting Pvt Ltd

    Great tutorial for newbie web designers. Any designer can convert PSD to
    HTML but how effectively you do it is all that matters. It takes to become
    efficient in the conversion process.

  4. Fawk

    Html isn’t what you “have for your website.” html is what you make your
    website in, just like final cut is a software to make videos with for

  5. Fawk

    i think it was rather good.. but i’m not the best at HTML though, so i
    guess that makes a difference…

  6. luke james

    Shut your sucker you look like a perv.

  7. luke james

    You need html for your website to work on search engine’s right?

  8. Patrik Neumann

    Best song ever

  9. Daryl Henbery

    The whole grid thing is unnecessary in CSS it just confuses the code… you
    can just define each separate area in your design with a div and code its
    column width in css.

  10. neff bel

    Nice…Please change the music

  11. somzie

    good tutorial, extremely bad mic

  12. Dilraj Kadavithara

    The audio is too bad

  13. BFKchief


  14. RobertoMusicTV


  15. KL Tah

    could you please update this video to use the responsive version
    unsemantic? thanks.

  16. shivi mangat

    very very bad tutorial

  17. hajro ahmetas

    Which font you used on this example?

  18. hajro ahmetas

    4:10 You farted bro?

  19. mongolz mgl

    why dont you fuking show the toolbox fukkkk!!!!!

  20. Eddie Freire

    The file from 960 grid system is corrupted what can I do?

  21. BeastSlaye1

    Figured it out. Instead of downloading from the “Big ol’ download button” I
    clicked the word “download” in the top left.

  22. BeastSlaye1

    Unfortunately the download you got is now different. There isn’t a
    photoshop one in the current d/l.

  23. Meryem Ijannane

    plz i want the url inorder to download the photoshop whish u use it thanks
    at begening :)

  24. Airborne


  25. MrBeldi Khalil

    why you don’t show the fucking tool box