Web Design Practice Exercise to Become a Better Designer


Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Web Design Practice Exercise to Become a Better Designer”

  1. Bruno Sastre

    thanks you are very kind.

  2. Norfire

    5:30 If it’s the McDonalds site, you’re for sure gonna find little nuggets ;)

  3. Ross Tejero

    thanks for the pointers, i appreciate it very much

  4. Quantyfull

    Awesome tips, i can see you been working hard on your project, your eyes
    are squares^^

  5. lulisings

    You’re wonderful! I’m so in love with you right now hehe

  6. leoyt123

    O yeah…. Btw, what’s the domain name for weekly basis or something that
    you said in the video?

  7. Imtiaz Ahmed Qazi

    Awesome. I am also a web designer, is it ok if i make any layout and show
    to you and you give me some comments on it?

  8. Allan Carlos

    I think like how you think I think :-)

  9. SandyOC100

    Hehe, you look so baked ^^

  10. Benji Lee

    Thanks man this exercise help heaps i’m gonna subscribe because your awsome

  11. kueebreeze

    I’m NEW to web design and I want to learn but it’s very difficult learning
    by myself. Your videos are absolutely helpful :)

  12. Kobe Logan

    another great video from GURU of web design…thanks! big help!…

  13. Templates at Just Simply

    Hey. Great videos. As they say practice makes permanent.

  14. Umer Ronaldo

    Thanks YOu!!!!

  15. Peaceiznow

    A great practice thanks. I am currently working on my first ‘fake” site as
    you recommended in your last vid. Maybe I’ll send it your way when I am
    done. I really appreciate all your vids. Oh and I bought my first design
    software and went with Fireworks. Great move and am loving it. Mahalo.

  16. Major Wedgie

    I clicked Subscribe. Thanks dude.

  17. rjcream

    great video

  18. Hardeep Singh

    your awesome yaar keep me on your touch

  19. Conor Murphy

    @tylerdurden2006 You should never make a website in photoshop, ever haha.
    Its fine to make images for your site in photoshop but never use photoshop
    generated code.

  20. Conor Murphy

    @tylerdurden2006 Well first if you are doing the site for a client I would
    show it to them to see what they think, they may want some changes. No
    point in spending time coding a design that the client doesnt like. After
    you get there approval on the design then I’d code away :)

  21. Countess Gamble

    Thank you.

  22. Conceptskatemedia

    @6thChamberFashion Agreed with 2. :)

  23. ustcweb san

    I`m a freelance web developer in Tokyo. I love your all videos. Can you
    please tell me what you think about the design of this web site?

  24. IzdelavaLogotipa

    Great tip, tnx!

  25. tylerdurden2006

    @cm999 Oh no I know that lol. I mean once you’ve designed it in photoshop
    is it a good idea to code it afterwards – obviously in another program.