Tips on Getting Started in Web Design in 2011


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25 Responses to “Tips on Getting Started in Web Design in 2011”

  1. Jim

    Fucking excellent mate! Can’t believe I haven’t discovered your channel
    until now.

  2. Anthony Solis

    thank u great stuff

  3. Tyler plaza

    i am going to be doing a restaurant design project in my graphic design
    class in high school. thanks for the idea on what to do for it.

  4. ryan200520

    I have a general question. Would a 15″ MacBook Pro be sufficient for
    getting starting in web design?

  5. mlwebco

    @BaileyRootWebDesign Hi Bailey, I don’t have too many tutorials on
    HTML/CSS. Checkout w3schools for some good insight into advanced html/css.
    And continue to check out my videos for all sorts of other advice. Browse
    through my youtube channel videos and I’m sure a lot of your questions will
    be answered there. ;)

  6. mlwebco

    @dennis3380 No, I don’t know any programming. My philosophy is you can’t do
    it all. You should pick a choose what most interest you and stick with it.
    My focus has always been on web design, front-end dev, sales/marketing and
    branding. If I didn’t something that required some heavy programming, I
    normally would use a 3rd party tool, application. I rarely hire other
    people to do work. I can find most what I need by 3rd party services.

  7. mlwebco

    @oogabubchub Yes, great advice. There are many possible ways. But the main
    thing is to just complete a few sites for your portfolio. Once you complete
    that first portfolio site, other ideas will open up. Thanks for the

  8. vdunown

    Thank you so much.

  9. MuchPure

    Thanks a lot. I’m really inspired by you. Planning is mandatory for
    business success. and in this video u organized some basic thoughts which I
    consider them really helpful. thank again :) Rana

  10. nakiebo

    Wow! Your videos are excellent training material. I really appreciate your
    hard work! Thanks. Keep up the good work. Why not create the Yt Web Design
    Academy your a great teacher.

  11. oogabubchub

    Hey Mike, thanks for the video. I’ve been recently getting into freelance
    web design myself (i’ve always made websites as a hobby) and the hardest
    part I’ve found is getting people to hire you when you don’t have a
    portfolio. This is a great idea that you’ve presented. Also, one thought I
    had was to find a company that needs a website done, design one for them
    and see if they’re willing to purchase it. Since you’re doing some free
    ones anyway, might as well do one that has potential to sell!

  12. PancakePlease

    you def dont want to put up something that is not your work. that’s
    scamming. and more importantly, people will know real fast if you arent
    able to deliver what you are presenting as your work. but it just crossed
    my mind, if by “fake” you meant websites created by yourself but doesn’t
    “belong” to anyone or a real client, then that’s completely acceptable. You
    can “give” it someone for free or even do work for friends. Or charge $1 or
    a dinner out or something.

  13. Jeff Onwordi

    Thanks for the tips, very useful and inspirational!

  14. thetechgeneration

    Is it acceptable to put fake websites on your portfolio?

  15. Ray Cunningham

    Hey Michael, just started watching your videos today. Some great advice
    thank you. Also what do you use to record your videos for Youtube. The
    quality is excellent. I am just coming back to web design after 10 years
    running a PC repair business. Business is getting harder to come by here in
    the UK so I decided it’s time to diversify. I prefer Fireworks to Photoshop
    as it seems more user friendly. May I contact you if I get really stuck
    with issues? Thanks Ray

  16. PancakePlease

    seriously amazed i didnt find this channel earlier

  17. Tural Shukurov

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    don’t find the right niche you won’t get anywhere. Trust me your gonna like
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  18. rjcream

    This guy is what you call a professional web designer!

  19. Ogy Nikolic

    It is really hard for people these days to choose the right web design
    company,because the competition is huge,and people don’t want to be a
    victim of short age company’s,for example you make your website with them
    and they disappear for 1 year.That is why the trust is important and to be
    alive through good and bad days of economy ,right there is the essence of
    good and BEST web design company.

  20. kwayzip

    Like. Subscribed and THANK YOU!!!

  21. BaileyRootWebDesign

    @mlwebco Yeah, I can’t count how many videos I’ve watched of yours! They’re
    great, very informational. I spend my mornings and nights pretty much
    watching your videos. I’ve seem to grown a passion for Web Design/ Graphics
    Designing. I loved how these two things combined pretty much provide an
    infinate amount of choices you can use to create things that you normaly
    wouldn’t think of!

  22. 歐 耶

    Hey what are those sites u were talking about? Can u putt down the links?

  23. Newfoundlanddesigns

    Would it be a bad idea to include a blogger dot com blog into your
    portfolio starting off?

  24. liquidplastic62

    I think you need to be part of a team to make a real success. There are a
    few talented designers / developers who can do it all. For most of us, it’s
    hard enough keeping up with one area. As a designer, i now accept that i am
    pants at php and coding stuff. So, there are great developers who are pants
    at design. So it makes sense to team up with a trustworthy partner because
    you’ll do it quicker and better and share the headaches and the success.
    Good advice thanks.

  25. adidas845

    @mlwebco What are some 3rd party services that you would recommend?