Time to Focus on Your Career – Web Design Portfolio Tips


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25 Responses to “Time to Focus on Your Career – Web Design Portfolio Tips”

  1. Tom Vance

    Another great video mike. Cheers for these.

  2. dyunior

    thanks for this tips..im at the right video at right time…fixing my
    porfolio now…mike for president..hahah

  3. Stanley Callender

    Thanks for sharing, always positive helpful information.

  4. Rob Cee

    Great video..worth the wait Mike. Just don’t make us wait too long for the
    next one :-)

  5. Mukz ALi

    i meant to say tablet

  6. Pradeep Kumar


  7. dyunior

    try concret5…

  8. Marius Panciu

    I’m a senior in high school and I’ve finally come to terms with my career
    choice and I’d love to pursue a career in graphic and web design. Thank you
    for putting these videos up I really appreciate it. @mlwebco

  9. Timothy Jordan

    Very insightful video! Keep them coming.

  10. AndyDOHD1

    Any advise on setting up an ecommerce site for clients? I have not built an
    ecommerce site for clients and have had to turn down work as a result.
    PayPal, EKMPowershop, or alternative…?

  11. Mike Locke

    @brittanyherself The best way is PayPal, it’s low cost and it allows your
    clients to pay with credit card. Paypal does charge a small percentage when
    you pull the money out so I normally pad my price with an extra $50 to
    compensate for the PayPal fees.

  12. Tommy Hotvedt

    Great video!

  13. brittanyherself

    Great video, Mike! I was wondering, how do you receive payment from your
    clients? I’ve been wanting to start offering my services and I’m trying to
    figure out the best way to accept payment over the internet.

  14. Hamid Abdullah

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing @mlwebco :-)

  15. Jshulman1995

    Great video! Could you make a video about how USAtodays site was made.

  16. LTAlbertini

    Thank you so much for your advice; I’m just starting my web design career.
    I think focusing on an in-depth project for the next couple of months would
    give my portfolio an edge and help me land a job! Looking forward to more
    of your videos :)

  17. Arthur Hernandez

    I have a question. What does a Web programmers house look like ? or a
    better question is, could a full time web programmer make enough money to
    have a nice house and nice car ? and overall nice way of living ?

  18. Dylan Parramore-Stedman

    thanks to your advice you gave me a few months ago Mike, I landed a UI
    design job at a local agency and am loving what I am doing. thank you Mike.

  19. linko85

    Welcome back Mike. :)

  20. Jack Lee

    Mike, thanks for sharing!

  21. 2diefor8694

    I brought a membership from mike few days ago i would recommend to everyone
    whose interested in advancing in website , its easy to go to college and
    learn the basics but mikes videos help you to move in the right direction ,
    in from the uk it cost me £55 for a lifetime membership , i have learnt
    alot from mike and i feel i have some one watching over me now and guiding,
    thank you -nicky8694

  22. bambizzoozled

    The audio is great on this one. Keep up the great production value.

  23. vvaningen

    Thanks for the advice!

  24. Misha Brah

    Looking forward to more videos from you, they’re always great. I haven’t
    done much designing since early this year but I’m hoping to start up a
    company soon so i’ll watch most of your videos to further motivate and
    enlighten me :)

  25. SilverbladeVI

    right on time! I was searching for answers too. Thank god I subscribed to
    this channel. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!