New transparent phone concept, soon to be on the market?


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25 Responses to “New transparent phone concept, soon to be on the market?”

  1. joshua orzako

    Ya sure spend your money on that in 5-10 years youll get transparent phones
    WHEN we got the possibilites to make holograhpic phones in -15-20 years..
    why not just go research and start processing holographic phones

  2. beer van de ende

    i want such phone

  3. Asbiel L

    can’t watch porn in public any more…

  4. robbie huntington


  5. Phil Phan

    you won’t fix a phone by highlighting the area. 

  6. Impresa Dee

    wow such c thru do want trans-shibe-ant

  7. AndyAngelZ

    “hey guys i left my phone somewhere in the house….. fuck!”

  8. Renoch Guthrie

    That is awsome

  9. LuuxIor. Ljungberg

    I’d like it! Remember guys, it is transparent – not fucking invisible.
    Also, when having such a phone, you could make it into a hole window :) The
    future is awesome with touch windows :D 

  10. Tcgardner82

    I think it’s cool and everything but I can’t see the purpose other than it
    just looking neat. It’s more of a novelty. And also, the part where you
    mentioned about seeing a damaged component and not having to take it
    completely apart is little dumb! You will have to remove everything
    covering it to get to it and also by the time this technology is available,
    the devices should be able to run its own diagnostics and give the user the
    required info on what to fix and how to replace it and where to get its
    parts! Just my opinion…. Thanks

  11. Peter Richard Rönnholm

    I hate stupid people who do not get it, everything is possible, possible
    for as long as it will go! Out of Graphene you can even make batteries that
    are translucent, So for sure, a completely transparent mobile in all cases
    to almost 100% transparent is still possible!

  12. meo ash

    no privacy – can u imagine if you are on a trian on bus. what about the
    background. I for one am not convinced. The battery life would be
    absolutely rubbish. Other then the asthetic feature there is very little on
    the positive side to get one :/ no convinced

  13. Diane Jensen

    Would you like to have a Transparent Cell Phone?

    I personally think it’s an awesome concept

    And it’s very close to hit the market…

    Let me know what you think about it…

  14. mindaugux

    And yet I am thinking what to buy on xmas, iphone s4 or galaxy s3. I was
    excited about that but after these videos the latest phone seems so shit
    and omg, there are no fucking limits in head hurts.

  15. Fares Aljaar


  16. Schroedingerx3

    Damn so everyone can see my porn. :( 

  17. Robert Robertson

    Really wicked. Lets get this out like now.

  18. khalil aliy

    Share your thoughts on this concept

  19. Omar Palau

    If you tend to lose your phone, this will drive you crazy

  20. hedi

    and batery ?

  21. Gooby plz



  22. Tony Rake

    If you want a transparant life, you should buy transparant electronics.

  23. ActionSport

    Cant wait for these sort of phone to come onto the market. so much better! :) 

  24. iamposeidonx


  25. chrisPbit

    Transparent is the new silver