How to Start a Web Design Home Business


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25 Responses to “How to Start a Web Design Home Business”

  1. Robert Burdi

    Nice job Paul! If you travel through Chicago I’d love to have you guest
    speak at the colleges where I teach Web Design. Thanks!

  2. Benefit

    Awesome video Paul.

  3. Eslam Emam


  4. TheDesignGuru

    Hi Paul, So you’ve found a company, you’ve redone their entire business
    image, logo, slogans, the works. You send it to company xyz, what’s to stop
    them saying no thanks and then copying your design pretty closely,
    including all the strap lines, page format etc. How do you protect your
    intellectual property?

  5. Mr Lawless

    Best Video on the Subject on all the tubes. Great job Paul, very helpful to
    the lot of us. :)

  6. Paul Barrs

    Not sure what part of the video you are referring to, but I always stay in
    touch with my customers so that I can work with ongoing business. It’s a
    good note to remember; NEVER build and run. Even if there’s no follow up
    work now, there probably will be later.

  7. Paul Barrs

    Great, get up some demos and SHOW people the benefits.

  8. submitbannerusa1

    We don’t design really but we create a website as we have a NEW release the
    Simple Blog V1.1, and the challenging part is to get it to stand out among
    all the others out there as the right Blog / website. I really feel that YT
    is one of the best marketing tools out there although it can be quite
    challenging to compete in your niche market…great video!

  9. cyrix1986

    Excellent video Paul, thanks for the valuable information and insight.

  10. Evangelos Evangelou

    Inspiring video.

  11. factotum218

    Great idea if you can still get this to work. I started out with something
    like this back in 2002. Now I build custom home-brew frameworks with
    emphasis on ease of administraton from in house. Not to brag, but I’m well
    off and can cherry pick with very little actual work involved. Feels good

  12. Robert Buell

    curious did u go to school bc there are a lot of skills needed to make a
    professional site

  13. Paul Barrs

    You help them as much as you can; that’s what you get paid for. You design
    the site, you upload, you do as much as you can… if you can’t “do” these
    things yet, then I suggest you learn how, then come back. Start at
    Paulbarrs[dot]com and do the free web design course that I offer.

  14. 4pedos

    Thank you, Paul! I don´t know what´s better: your ideas, or the way you
    explain them. Absolutely brilliant and inspiring!! I even feel smarter

  15. cekinxxx

    good morning good afternoon or even better good evening LOL

  16. Juhan Miguel

    thanks paul, you gave me a great idea and inspiration..

  17. bo4610

    hey Paul you have a new follower here from the Philippines.. this is a good
    video :) thanks for sharing

  18. MarathonforJason

    Excellent video! Thanks Paul.

  19. Paul Barrs

    All my current customers come from referral business. In fact, I’ve NEVER
    done any advertising for this service – ever! The key is that with EVERY
    LEAD you get, no matter how “hot” or not they are – you have to follow up,
    follow up, follow up.

  20. Jsworld1980

    Great video Paul!

  21. swacommerce

    A good design is important to Google

  22. Paul Barrs

    Go for it – truth be told, it’s not EASY to start your own business; but
    with perseverance and discipline, it can be done.

  23. submitbannerusa1

    We do have some demos on our site as we do specialize in web design &
    creation as well, don’t know what that first line is in the previous
    comment…this is a correction…thanks for the comment

  24. SmartCollections

    This is a good encouraging and motivaying video thanks Paul

  25. MrsSouthernBoss

    Mr. Paul, I have been unemployed for a couple years with a background in
    law enforcement and secretarial work. I am a pretty smart cookie when it
    comes to dealing with people and I am as motivated as they come. I am
    looking to start a home based business since I have a newborn and a 5 year
    old and to be honest, I can’t see myself working for someone else at 10
    dollars an hour when I KNOW I am capable of making more going into business
    for myself.