How To Create An Online Store! (MYSTILE WooThemes WordPress) 2013


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25 Responses to “How To Create An Online Store! (MYSTILE WooThemes WordPress) 2013”

  1. 77webstudio

    lol okay so let’s see how we comment in this new youtube system here. this
    is going to be one *long* answer, pull up a chair. if you commented in the
    last 24 hours (or maybe more since i cannot see comment threads easily
    now), hopefully you’ll see the A to your Q below.

    +spiritual619 thank you! i’m glad i could help. re: preventing downloads,
    you can check out the MHR custom anti-copy plugin which prevents copying
    from your site. here’s the link:
    wordpress(dot)org/plugins/mhr-custom-anti-copy. re: not having google
    chrome, if you have firefox, you can use firebug to also check the code to
    find the css you need to change. hope this helps.

    +Mariel Amaya re: the banner image on the homepage, make sure you have
    turned this feature on. go to “mystile theme options” >> “featured image”
    >> make sure this is checked: “display a banner”, save. hope this helps!

    +9584pete yes, you can use woocommerce to sell downloadable and virtual
    products. you can find these options in the product edit page, in the
    product data section. when product data “simple product” is selected, there
    are two options listed, downloadable and virtual. hope this helps.

    +DailyDazzleDeals wonderful, glad you found the solution! thanks for your

    thanks for your great questions!

  2. ESB Group

    thanaks for getting back to me, but I had actually figured it out, but i
    cant find your shipping video!? that shipping is mind boggling… lol
    thanks Serena

  3. Trevor Murray

    I am trying to match the white in my logo to the white on the theme so it
    blends in better. Do you know the number of the color white for the
    Mystile theme?

  4. DailyDazzleDeals

    I hope that you are preparing to or have had (depending on when you read
    this) a great Thanksgiving. I have two problems that I am hoping you can
    help me with. 1. I have applied bloglovin as a text widget to my website
    and I don’t want it to show up on certain pages…especially the cart page.
    How do I remove this individually? 2. Somehow I have applied RSS feeds
    to my website and its not going anywhere once you click on it but I can’t
    see what I used to put it on there in the first place. Any tips? Once
    again I am hopeful that you can help me. Thank you.

  5. Lynne Rourke

    Hi Katrina
    I built my Website using the Mystile woo commerce with
    Wordpress,, i have 2 problems, 1st one is the colour of the
    writing in the return to shop button and the view cart button how do i
    make it white to match all the rest, the 2nd is when i go to the checkout,
    everything is grand when i add the products to cart, but when i go to
    checkout an error 404 page not found comes up, can you help me with this
    pretty please.
    Thanks Lynne.

  6. habtegebre

    Hello Katrina, can you please help ? Is there a way of centering the logo
    and the main navigation (menu) ? or replace the main navigation with
    widgets in Mystile theme?

  7. Neil Hicks

    Hi, how we can change the color of product’s price on mystile theme?

  8. Zamen Sadek

    hi, i did not see how to set up Delivery day (products from sender to
    receiver) and also how to fill a small card to go with the gift or flowers.

  9. 9584pete

    Hi Katrina, I notice that at the home page, the images of the ebooks /
    books are squares and the top and bottom parts are ”cut off” … is there
    a way to have the full image of the book. Thanks.

  10. sam chow

    Hi Katrina,
    You are doing a great job here…!!
    I saw there are 3 footers in the sidebar, but mine has 4 footers. How can i
    remove or delete the extra one? Need help. Thanks.

  11. Peggy Wolf

    Hi Katrina,
    I just installed wordpress the newest version is 3.7 and when it says it
    was installed correctly and gives me the username and password screen.
    But when I click on the word “here” to go to the website it says “problem
    whatever”. So then I try to re-install wordpress and it says– error
    files curently exist! Now I no longer have the “here” button to click

  12. Rinata C

    You video is very helpful! Can you tell me how add a hyperlink to the
    entire banner image in mtysile? I have searched everywhere, but cant see to
    find the answer.

  13. imshiftingg

    Does anyone know how to edit the product image so it changes to the size of
    the image loaded when you click on it from the main page?

    My main image on my product pages are not in a square shape how do I change
    the product image demensions so when someone clicks on one of my products
    from the main pages and when it brings them to the actual product page that
    the image it shows actually shows my whole image so that they dont have to
    click on it to have the picture pop out and then see the whole image.

  14. Mitchee D

    Hi Katrina,

    Thanks for making this how to video. I am also using the Mystile theme,
    however, I can not readjust the thumbnail images so that they crop from the
    top of the picture and not from the middle of the picture? Please advise.

    And thanks in advance. :) 

  15. ESB Group

    Hello, when i click on checkout, it keeps telling me that i do not have a
    secure checkout to the server…. lol Help??

  16. ilvaijs

    Is it possible in this theme to insert woocommerce price filter widget in
    shop page?

  17. Deborah Andersen

    Hi Katrina, I am having a problem in that my banner is not showing up on
    the website. How can I fix that?

  18. Zamen Sadek

    Hi, How to set up the TAX. Sales tax is usually one rate like 8.97% or 13%.
    how to set up this rate to work with orders?

  19. spiritual619

    Katrina, I’m sure you don’t realize how much of a great service you are to
    people in these times. It would have been extremely difficult for me to get
    my projects off the ground without your awesome videos! YT should have
    awards for people like you as well. Is there a way to lock a PDF ebook, so
    that the buyer is not able to share? Also, I don’t have goog chrome,so how
    do I edit text position in the banner? Thanks!

  20. Mariel Amaya

    hi Katrinah! thanks sooo much for the tutorial! i’m setting up my online
    shop and i’m doing it s i watch your tutorial, i already set up the image
    banner in the homepage following all the steps but it’s not showing!! what
    could it be?

  21. 9584pete

    Hi Katrina, good presentation … I intend to sell ebooks with activation
    keys .. can this incorporated in Mystile WooTheme WP? Hope you can enlighten

  22. DailyDazzleDeals

    Figured it out changed them pages to categories. Thanks anyway I’m sure you
    helped me in some way ;)

  23. DailyDazzleDeals

    To clarify I am currently working on 2 pages. Movies and travel. They come
    up on the main page and the only way they come up on corresponding page is
    if I change page template to blog and then it looks identical the main
    page. It does not separate them.

  24. DailyDazzleDeals

    Hi I am using Mystile theme and I am able to view all of my posts on my
    blog page. However they do not come up under their own page. Only if I
    click a category. Can I do this with this theme?

  25. 77webstudio

    hi there, glad to help, thank you for your comment. yes you can add
    t-shirts/books to your site. you would add these in a similar way by
    “adding a new product”, but in the product data section on the edit page
    you would choose either “simple product”, “variable product” or
    “external/affiliate product”. the book on amazon would be an external
    product and you can add the url link when you select that option. the
    t-shirts would be simple/variable product if you are shipping. hope this