Create a website with ASP.Net – Part 1


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25 Responses to “Create a website with ASP.Net – Part 1”

  1. Shahram Javed

    By using php

  2. Sunny Tamang

    Thnks a lot ..very nice tutorial

  3. TheJgiron

    Thank you for have the tutorial!! :) 

  4. desperado aestro

    Thanks alot bro,i want to make thesame site but including reviews and
    rating,hw can i include reviews and rating bro?

  5. Dheemant Palan

    i need d java script folder

  6. Damith Kodithuwakku

    thnkyou very much im following ur tutorials and trying to buld thiz kind

  7. Lilly Ehrhart

    another thing i have an issue with. it is not letting me look at it on the
    internet. it is giving the error the web server is configured not to list
    the contents of this directory. how do i fix that?

  8. zoyeb manesiya

    Broda First a fall thanks for your classy Tutorials :) like it (y)
    and i cant able to download ur source codes and starter pack plz do
    something as soon as possible :( 

  9. Alex Foster

    Do you have these tutorials but used with visual basic instead of c#?

  10. Sri Uday

    Hi 7:27 min in your video im not getting my content area to the
    left of my sidebar instead its on top of side bar.i followed the steps you
    have done till 7:20.i have downloaded your project.but still couldnt figure
    it out.thanks you.

  11. kien mai

    thanks you sir ^^”

  12. jason manley

    my nav drop down bar is not working but everything else is fine can anyone

  13. Abhijeet Pandey

    Please tell me soon,.,.

  14. MsSona91

    Thank you very much this is the best video I found to help me with my
    Although I have a question in 4:50 who we create anew folder “style” and we
    open the “style sheet” :(
    I’m new to please help me

  15. jordan dela cruz

    please explain the webform1.aspx because without this page it will not
    how can I run this masterpage withour with webform1?

  16. bellick caba

    what shortcut did you used in 4:50???

  17. Danin Ly

    oh great , May i download your source code?

  18. Suathh

    You sir , you are excellent

  19. Hassan Khan

    De love your accenta ;-) 

  20. anichist

    Thanks for the tutorials. I know its cheeky but any chance you could make a
    quick video that shows you how you set up IIS so that it will display
    Master Pages. From the forums I’ve been on this seems a common problem that
    a lot people are having as well as some of the people who are commenting on
    this video.

  21. Teshome Alemayehu

    I love it. Please keep it coming……thanks

  22. Gamal Abd

    Great work

    I hope that you show us how to insert photos intto SQL

    Thank you 

  23. Ralph Blosat

    if you cannot see an image in your header when you are viewing in the
    Place this code in the

  24. pratin shrestha

    i’m new to and jst watch your video…and goin to practice… if
    problem occur. plz help me 

  25. bitlebron Richard

    for those having directory problem solution is: click on project>>add page
    content it is important now to click on the webform.aspx file or what ever
    the name is b4 u debug n run else the same issue will come up. in order to
    make this the default, right click on the webform.aspx file from the
    solutions explorer and click set as start page